Owner and Creative Director of Blush + Bowties & The Blush Creative

Some might describe me as a little quirky, definitely creative, and always up for a good laugh. I’ve always loved planning pretty parties; as a child, I would set the dinner table ‘just so,’ adding my special touch with a bouquet of fresh lilac from our garden and handwritten place cards for each family member. Running Blush + Bowties has been the most rewarding and challenging endeavour I have ever undertaken.

As my company, Blush + Bowties, has evolved and shifted over the years, one thing has never wavered; my passion for design, styling and collaborating with enthused and talented artisans. The Blush Creative had been brewing in my mind and heart for many years. My why in launching this workshop boils down to establishing and supporting a community of creative entrepreneurs and equipping them with hands on tools and knowledge specific to the wedding industry. I believe in doing what you love and finding purpose in your career, and I hope this workshop instills the same spirit in those who attend.




Based out of Toronto, Therese is a film photographer known for her fresh, fine art style. She captures genuine and timelessly beautiful imagery, believing that life’s moments are precious and that her art form is to capture them perfectly. She can be in any place in the world that is astonishing; anytime – between sunrise and sunset; any celebration — weddings, anniversary, portraits, milestones, or any joyful moment you can dream of.

Her wanderlust leads her to new adventures and breathtaking destinations, photographing couples along the way. Her work has taken her to some of the most beautiful destinations across the globe and has travelled to NYC, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, and California.

If she isn’t travelling and photographing, she loves learning new things, trying her hand at baking, discovering new restaurants, exploring the city and spending time with her friends and family.


Ashley Cassidy Seale

Founder of Ruby Social Co.

I am a spirited communications connoisseur with more than a decade of PR & marketing experience. Between my time in the agency world, helming teams and leading award-winning, national campaigns for lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands to working in-house for designers + luxury retailers, I have fine-tuned a truly holistic expertise. An early adopter of social media, I harnessed my digital know-how to build an online presence under the moniker Quaintrelle, which has since evolved from a lifestyle blog to a brand with workshops & events. I use this unique perspective to thoughtfully navigate my clients into the spotlight. 

I'm passionate about the intersection of creative and strategy when it comes to helping businesses grow and reach new heights. I'm also passionate about surfboards leaning on Basque balconies in Biarritz, the mind and work of artist Luke Edward Hall, and crisp, personalized stationery.




I began my career as a florist at the age of fourteen and since then have taken numerous master classes abroad. My designs are inspired by nature and my surroundings, whether it is the most beautiful fall toned leaf or the gradation of colour in the sky.

I believe that my unstructured designs reflect the environment they surround by using locally foraged materials. You can always find me rummaging through bushes on a farm or searching for the perfect foliage on the side of the highway. Needless to say my shears are never quite far from my side. I believe that every bloom I place is like a brush stroke, adding layers to a painting and sometimes letting the medium dictate my direction.