Welcome to the Blush Creative

The Blush Creative offers business coaching and workshops for creative entrepreneurs looking to develop their design skills and strengthen their business minds and souls. Our aim at The Blush Creative is to deepen the knowledge and styling skills of individuals interested or involved in the wedding planning and styling profession as well as focusing on business development and personal well being as an entrepreneur. Whether you are a seasoned professional, just beginning, or simply curious, our door is open to you.

Our intent

The Blush Creative is geared towards aspiring or established wedding planners, stylists, and designers.

  • Expanding your knowledge of the shifting focus and aesthetic of the modern wedding

  • Connecting you with some of the best industry leaders Toronto has to offer and deepening your understanding of their craft

  • Opening a discussion on what branding and marketing tools work best to strengthen a wedding focused business

  • Helping you align your purpose with your passion

  • Equipping you with hands on tools to improve your social media brand and presence, specifically instagram

  • Providing you a platform to experiment hands on with tabletop styling and growing your design skills

  • Encouraging the awareness and importance of your personal well being as a creative entrepreneur

  • Uniting you with a group of like minded individuals where you can build lasting, valuable, and supportive relationships

  • And last but not least, helping you tap into your personal and unique mojo (ohhh yah)